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Reasons Homes for Sale with a Guest Suite are Popular

Jan 15, 2021 | Buyers | 0 comments

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that change is a certainty. Change to our income. Change to our housing options. Change to our families. Today we’re hearing from homebuyers in Gilbert and Queen Creek that they are looking for homes for sale with a guest suite. There are a variety of reasons they’re seeking this type of housing that we’re discussing in this article.

Homes for Sale with a Guest Suite: Why is this so popular?

I remember when I was growing up there were houses built with what we called in-law suites. It was a separate entrance apartment attached to the main house where elderly parents and grandparents lived. There wasn’t really assisted living back then, only nursing homes for when health declined, and families could no longer support their loved ones at home. Today we’re seeing families of all ages in need of guest suites, what we now call in-law suites, due in large part to changing economics and family dynamics.

The primary reason for the surge in the need for this type of housing is what is called The Sandwich Generation. These are middle-aged adults who are caring for aging parents as well as adult children and/or grandchildren all under one roof. They need two owner’s suites for the different generations because a bedroom and shared communal area isn’t quite enough space for everyone. Because Arizona homes rarely have basements, families are looking at homes for sale with a guest suite.

Another reason is the pandemic and more people working from home. When it was thought we’d be working from home part-time, many employees set up shop in their dining or living rooms but as the pandemic raged on, more employers have been telling employees they are at home permanently or for the near future. That means different housing needs for families to maintain a work-life balance. Families are now wanting a home with a guest suite for their office space. Then they don’t lose the functionality of a bedroom, den, or dining room and can close the door of the office to separate work and family time.

Lastly, the reason clients are requesting homes for sale with a guest suite is that they, depending on local housing laws, can use the separate space as a short-term rental for added income. When not used by renters, they can use the space for guests, so it can have multiple uses.

So yes, the lesson we’ve learned through the pandemic is that life can change on a dime, even our housing needs. Keep this in mind when you’re ready to sell your current home and buy a new one. The team at Newman Realty is here to support you through the process. Happy House Hunting!


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