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Whether you are buying your first home or your tenth, downsizing or upsizing, or even buying a second home, you could not find a better place to live than Gilbert or one of the nearby towns. But that said, you are still buying a house. That means the simplest way to make sure you find what you want (not what the agent thinks you should have) at a great price in the neighborhood that is right for you and still have a hassle-free experience doing it is to work with an agent who has both experience with the process and intimate knowledge of the community.

We have been helping our neighbors buy and sell houses here for over ten years. We are experts in our community. It is where we live. We know the houses in it and we know how to find your dream home. Often, finding that right home takes patience, something Mark has in abundance. It would be lovely to fall in love with the first house you visit, but that is rare. Instead, you may have to visit many houses, but each time we view and reject a house, we define what you want a little more clearly. Mark is patient. There will be no pressure while we search and you can trust that he will be honest with you about the pros and cons of each house you see. He is far more interested in placing you in the perfect house for you than he is in simply making a sale.

Once you find the house you want, the business side of the purchase begins. We know the nuances of these types of transactions intimately and will be your partner in navigating contracts and negotiations through to a successful closing. At every step, we will keep you informed so you know what is happening.

In most cases, buyer representation can be provided at no cost to the buyer. This is true whether you are purchasing a home from a private seller, a bank or a short sale. It also applies to new construction homes in the beautiful new neighborhoods developing in Gilbert and Chandler. Certain restrictions apply and you must register Newman Realty as your representative on your first visit to a new home community. Call today for a free, no obligation consultation to establish your goals and make sure you are getting the most house for your money.

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