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Tips for Writing a Home Buyer Offer Letter

Apr 28, 2022 | Buyers | 0 comments

The housing market is a sellers’ market right now. There’s no other way to say it. In Gilbert and Queen Creek, it is an especially tight market with limited inventory. While there are indications that is changing, we haven’t seen much of it yet. As a buyer, you’ve got to make yourself stand out to the seller, so they choose your offer. Often that is not with the monetary offer, concessions, or lack of contingencies, it’s by writing a home buyer offer letter.

The letter doesn’t need to be complicated or lengthy. You don’t have to spill all the family secrets or any secrets. It’s simply the story of your family and why the house is perfect for you.

We’ve seen quite a few of these letters and wanted to offer our tips to help your offer stand out among the rest.

Tips for Writing a Home Buyer Offer Letter

This isn’t the time to negotiate or offer contingencies. The home buyer offer letter is to market your family to the sellers in a way that emotionally connects you to them. Ultimately, you want them to choose your offer.

  • Tell the story of your family. Are you a growing family who has outgrown your current home? Are you moving to the area because of the schools? Do you want a place your kids can place that’s safe and inviting? Do you want a yard for your dogs? All of these stories are ways to connect you to the buyer and tell the story of your family.
  • Be emotional. If you grew up nearby, mention that in the letter. If you love the scenery and picture yourself hosting parties on the patio, tell the sellers about that. Whatever made you feel like this is your home is important to mention in the home buyer offer letter.
  • Don’t mention changes you want to make to the home. Instead, tell them all the positive assets of the home like the beautiful backyard where you children or grandchildren can play. Tell them you can’t wait to teach your kids to ride bikes on the long driveway. Let them know you love the outdoor grilling and pool area.

The seller wants to know they’re selling their home to a buyer that appreciates the home as much as they did. Ask your real estate agent if they know why the house is being sold. Maybe their family is grown and they’re downsizing. Talk about how your family will grow into the home and love it as much as the seller does. It’s all about connecting with the seller in a simple home buyer offer letter.

If you’re looking to buy a home in Gilbert or Queen Creek, the team at Newman Realty would love to talk to you!


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