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5 Ways to Promote Peace of Mind During a House Hunt

Dec 15, 2021 | Buyers | 0 comments

What does it mean to promote peace of mind during a house hunt? If you’re in Arizona, especially Gilbert and Queen Creek, you know there are a lot of ways this process can be stressful. While it’s easy to sell your house with continued low inventory, where will you live next? Rent prices are the highest we’ve ever seen. In fact, nearby Scottsdale was just named to the top ten most expensive one-bedroom apartments in the nation with rents starting at $1900 per month! For home buyers, we must submit numerous offers that are either outright rejected or countered.

5 Ways to Promote Peace of Mind During a House Hunt

What you do during a house hunt can make a difference in your own mental health and that of your family.

  1. Communicate. Whether it’s with your spouse or other adults that live with you, or with your real estate agent, communication is incredibly important. When it comes to talking to us, we want to know what your family is looking for in this move. Are you upsizing? Downsizing? Moving parents into your home? Moving adult children back home? Whatever your situation, we are better able to find the right properties for you if we understand your family.
  2. Expand the search. While we wish we could wave a magic wand and have your search criteria of a five-mile radius match you to a home, that’s just not today’s market. It’s also one of the reasons we moved from Gilbert to Queen Creek. When we expanded our personal search for a downsized home after we got our adult children situated, we realized Gilbert didn’t have the house we wanted so we headed to Queen Creek. In doing so, we found a house we love. While we miss Gilbert, we’re not too far away and still have many ties, including at the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Know your numbers. Because there is such demand for housing, it has become necessary for homebuyers to get pre-approved for a mortgage before we even begin the search process. That way we don’t waste time looking at houses that you can’t afford and can focus on houses that fit your budget and needs.
  4. Make a Plan B. While houses continue to sell fast, we must remember that it is because there is little inventory for buyers. When our friend wanted to sell her home, we asked where she was going when it sold, and she wasn’t sure. We encouraged her to have a Plan B so that in the event her home sold in days, she had a place to stay until we found her the right home. It’s a balancing act so a way to promote peace of mind during the house hunt is to cover all scenarios.
  5. Hire the right professionals. Treat hiring a real estate agent like you would if you were hiring an employee. Ask questions like if they are a full-time agent and their process for working with you. With more than 20 years of real estate experience, the team at Newman Realty is dedicated to listening to your housing needs so that we can find you the home of your dreams.

Working with you, we promise to promote peace of mind during a house hunt. Asking questions, expanding the search, pre-qualifying for a mortgage, and having the best team on your side make it an easier process. Ready to get started? Call Newman Realty at 480-993-8653.


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