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How to Choose a Listing Agent

Mar 28, 2022 | Sellers | 0 comments

Today’s Arizona housing market continues to be a sellers’ market with little inventory but there are indicators that is changing. In other words, now is an exciting time to sell your home, making the process to choose a listing agent more important now than ever.

Why are you selling your home? We hear different scenarios all the time. You’ve outgrown your starter home. You’re looking to downsize from your current home. You’re needing more space for your parent who is moving in with your family. Whichever part of the home buying journey you’re experiencing, if you have a home to sell, it all starts when you choose a listing agent for your current home.

As you’re interviewing listing agents, keep these tips in mind:

Think of the process as if you were hiring an employee or other service provider. Don’t just pick a listing agent from the top of the search results.

  • Meet with at least three listing agents. Ask comparable questions (see below) so you can evaluate them equally, or as close as you can.
  • Don’t choose a listing agent because they offer you the highest list price and lowest commission. In doing so, you may find that an agent who is asking for a higher commission may be doing so because they are marketing your home differently than the other agent.
  • Ask how they will specifically market your home for sale. If they cannot answer specifically, that is a sign they may not be the right agent to sell your home.
  • Find out about their experience and education. Are they a full-time listing agent or real estate agent? How long have they been agents? Have they sold homes in your area?
  • Read reviews from their clients. Find out what people are saying about their level of service and success.
  • Ask for references. The right agent will not hide their clients from you. They should have a few former clients who can give you feedback.
  • Visit their open houses to see how they interact with people.

Discuss more than list price and commission. Ask about the specific strategy they will use as your listing agent. If they cannot be specific, that may be a red flag.

While it’s fine to use a listing agent who has been referred to you, your neighbor’s granddaughter who is a new agent or only works part-time is perhaps not the right one for you.

Keep our tips in mind. Newman Realty has more than 20 years of experience with sellers and we’d love to work with you to sell your Queen Creek home!


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