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Getting the Most for Your Gilbert Home

Aug 8, 2021 | Sellers | 0 comments

With the demand for housing off the charts, some sellers, and maybe their real estate agents, feel it is okay to cut corners when it comes to preparing their home for sale or marketing. The reality is that if you’re getting the most for your Gilbert home, the home needs to look the part, no matter what the market is doing.  

Getting the Most for Your Gilbert Home

Whether there is a Sellers’ market or not, your home needs to look ready for a new owner when we put it on the market. We know the best-selling homes sell faster. Curb appeal matters. Staging matters. Competitive pricing like we’re currently experiencing drives interest and together with a well-staged home, gets sellers the best price. Where do you start? We’ve got a few ideas based on our experience. 

  • Decluttering is a good start. We don’t need you to Marie Kondo your home, but we do recommend going from room to room, clearing what you don’t need to use immediately. Make piles to give away, throw away, recycle, and keep. Every item needs to be in one of these piles. If it is too much to do all at once, clear out what you won’t need for a while, like seasonal clothes and decorations, and rent a storage unit. 
  • Clear personal items. Photos of your family need to be packed away temporarily. Buyers need to be able to see themselves in your home. If your photos are on the walls, they will feel like it’s still your home. 
  • Stage your home for sale. Let buyers see how big the closets, rooms, and garage are so they can picture themselves in your home. 
  • Tell your story. If your home was a family home for many years or you want another couple to buy your home as their first home, let them know. In this way, they can tailor their offers to what you want. 
  • Choose a real estate agent that understands the market and buyer expectations. Your neighbor who is a part-time real estate agent will likely not be able to get you the best price for your home. They may be a great person but they don’t have the knowledge and experience of full-time agents. Choose wisely.
  • Renovate where it makes the most sense financially. Spending money on clearing debris and trimming trees to give the yard curb appeal is a good idea. Paying thousands for a landscape overhaul is not; the reason is that you may not make your money back on the investment. Bathrooms and kitchens are always a good idea to renovate. In this market, having a clean home and a well-maintained yard and pool may be enough to get you a good price for your home in today’s market.

Getting the most for your Gilbert home means doing what sellers have always done. Buyers want to picture themselves in your home. Make them feel welcome by preparing your home for sale and working with a real estate agent who understands the current market. 

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