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Desirable Communities in Queen Creek

Aug 8, 2021 | Buyers | 0 comments

Family-friendly Queen Creek is a well-sought after and growing area in the southeast valley. Its rural roots and strong values make for an interesting mix of desirable communities in Queen Creek, as well as, at times, more affordable housing prices. The coziness of the town is what wins families, couples, and retirees’ approval but the longstanding lack of freeway access is frustrating. Thankfully, connecting to the rest of the Valley is being made a little easier. 

Freeway access will be the next component to add appeal to this growing community. With commutes to Scottsdale and Phoenix, even Mesa, taking upwards of 45 minutes or more, Queen Creek hasn’t been a choice for those seeking short commute times. The rise of working from home, hybrid schedules, and the extension of State Route 24 are making the area more accessible for more people. It also doesn’t hurt that the East Valley is experiencing a housing inventory crisis that is driving prices up and people out to places like Queen Creek. 

Desirable Communities in Queen Creek

Historically, the desirable communities of Queen Creek were made so because homebuyers could get more land and a larger home for the same money they would spend in Chandler or Gilbert and other East Valley locations. Neighborhoods like Ironwood Crossing and Nauvoo Station have provided great housing options for years.

  • Ironwood Crossing is a master-planned community with over 2,100 homes offering activities, connections, and amenities for families. 
  • Nauvoo Station is located at Ocotillo and Crisman, near downtown. Homes range from 1,700 square feet to more than 11,000 square feet making it a great location for singles, couples, and families. Each VIP home is certified an Level 3 Energy Stat which means you can save on utility bills. 
  • Encanterra is one of the premier desirable communities in Queek. Featuring a private golf course and country club lifestyle, families and couples enjoy all that it has to offer. 

New developments like Promenade and Barney Farms by Fulton Homes or the multi-builder community of Harvest are creating large-scale housing communities for an increasing population. Of course, where there are people, businesses soon follow. Retail and commercial building is also moving at a rapid pace as new businesses come in to serve new residents.

Housing options plus freeway access mean nothing but good news for Queen Creek. If you’re interested in taking a look at homes in these and other, desirable communities in Queen Creek, we’d love to show you around! Give the Newman Realty team a call at 480-500-9888 today!


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