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Practical Advice in the Arizona Seller’s Market

Aug 1, 2020 | Sellers | 0 comments

Practical Advice in the Arizona Seller’s Market

Just because the Arizona seller’s market is hot, it is still important to prepare your home and listing strategically and completely. We offer the following tips to you.

·   Hire the best. Make sure your agent, hopefully it is Newman Realty, is knowledgeable and properly marketing the property. Ask questions so you understand how they will market the property. Whether it’s a hot or cold market, it is always about achieving the best results.  Professional photography, video production and online advertising should be standard in any listing proposal. Newman Realty showcases your home and community in HD quality photos, custom home presentation videos and virtual tours & a proven marketing system

·   Prepare your home for sale. In a market like the Arizona seller’s market, buyers are eager to find a house that feels like home. They want to walk in and picture themselves enjoying the space. To accomplish that, we highly recommend removing personal photos and clutter. Clear out the craft room or guest room that has become a storage space. Even if you’re not ready to get rid of items, you can put them in storage.

·   Understand the options. There are a lot of ways to sell a house, including what I would consider somewhat predatory ways. The truth is in the details. To help you, we offer a consultation to our sellers about ALL their options and help determine the best path forward for, again, the best results.

·   List strategically. Asking price, coming soon marketing, and online presence are all important to the success of selling your home.  Timing can be to your convenience. We typically list a home as Coming Soon on Tuesdays to advertise and promote the property for a few days before actively going to the market and allowing showings.

My preference is to put status from Coming Soon to Active on Thursday afternoon with showings starting Saturday morning. Most shoppers are out on the weekends and put their tours together Thursday night or Friday morning. For occupied homes, sellers will clear out for the day or weekend and let the buyers and their agents through. Any offers received are reviewed on Monday evening. Going in with this approach tends to get the highest number of people through with the least amount of disruption to the seller. Open house during the first weekend is also a great idea.

·   Set reasonable expectations. Even in this Arizona seller’s market, we don’t know what we are going to get in terms of an offer or when the offer will occur. Each sale requires the right person to come through the house to view it, sometimes they show up the first day, sometimes it takes them a while. Multiple offer situations are common but not every home gets them.

Whether things move quickly or slowly, you always want to have careful consideration of all information. This is why communication with your agent is so important. The team at Newman Realty is here to answer your questions!


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