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Selling Luxury Property


Keys to Success

It is so very hard to overcome a negative first impression. We will guide and assist you through any necessary steps to prepare your property to be as attractive to potential buyers as possible, both for media production and showing appointments. This process is vital to maximizing the results of the sale and are always well worth the effort.
Some buyer considerations in the luxury market are just as important as they are in the more traditional home sales market. Every buyer wants the best terms they can achieve and every buyer wants to pay as little as possible for the property. Luxury homes have the quality of uniqueness that is superior to homes in lower price points. Highlighting the features of the home that are desirable to luxury home shoppers will raise more interest and push better seller terms. We know what buyers are looking for in luxury properties and how to best represent those qualities through our marketing efforts.

I contacted Mark and Mickie with Newman Realty to assist me with the sale of my custom, luxury home in north Mesa. This was a big decision for me. They were honest, professional and extremely proficient in their field. They were very helpful throughout the entire process. They always had my best interest in mind, earning my confidence quickly and they both went above and beyond my expectations.

-Glo Howe

Without a doubt, quality media production is essential to outstanding results from the sale. Every Newman Realty listing includes professional, high resolution photography and video production. Our luxury property listings take it even further with lifestyle videos, drone photography and video clips and enhanced marketing materials. Capturing the right imagery and careful word consideration assist in bringing in the highest level of interest and greatest online exposure.
Our job is to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the property being offered for sale as possible and qualified prospective buyers are motivated to come and see the home. Strategic online marketing efforts combined with local networks of luxury home specialists put the property in front of the right people. We proudly carry the Luxury Home Marketing Specialist designation and enjoy the benefits of networking with this nationwide group of luxury home specialists.
It is not always what you ask for, but sometimes how you ask for it. Negotiating terms on luxury properties is a nuanced activity. We quickly strive to understand the motivations of a prospective buyer and then carefully package negotiations in way that leverages those motivations to our advantage. Our approach is not flashy, brash or disinterested. We are your advocate and we are going to professionally represent your interests to the absolute best of our ability.
We are with you every step of the way. We do not delegate assignments to team members or avoid communication. We are accessible, knowledgeable and deeply interested in your success. Our concierge approach to customer service keeps us on point and accountable.
Home selling can be emotionally taxing, and the process can certainly have its ups and downs. Our efforts are always to maximize the results and protect you from the sometimes stressful details of the many moving parts of a typical transaction. When it is all over and the sale has closed it’s time to celebrate and relax as you ease into your next chapter. We will always be available after the sale for questions or concerns and will remain your trusted partner long after escrow has closed.