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Tips For Selling Your House

  1. Price it right from the beginning. That is where we come in!Cookies with chocolate chips
  2. Hire the right Broker to represent you, one who knows the market, the competition, and the local area. Then listen to their advice. Yep, us again! Check out online reviews! 
  3. Open curtains and blinds to let the outside light in.
  4. Turn on all the lights to make the inside as bright as you can.
  5. Sniff! Bake cookies (offer them), or bread, or simmer cinnamon sticks. At a minimum, light a scented candle. All smell like “home.”
  6. When someone is coming to view the house, leave if you can. Take the pets if possible as well.
  7. Pick up clutter every day – more than once if necessary.
  8. Avoid strong cooking smells such as bacon or cabbage.
  9. Make sure buyers’ agents have ready access to show the house. Be as flexible on times as you can.
  10. Stage your house for success! Our Professional Home Selling System includes light staging. Check out this staged home that sold opening weekend.

    We have been helping our neighbors sell homes here for over a decade. We are experts in marketing, this community & professional representation. No pressure, really. We want you to make the right choice for you & your family. We Promise.


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