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Before you buy, sell or build a home make sure you have all the facts and information available from a trusted source so you are making educated decisions.  The #1 benefit that Newman Realty clients enjoy is a professional representation of our client’s interests.   If you have a home to sell you have a few options to choose from. You can sell to an investor (company or individual) who will tell you what they think the house is worth, charge you some fees and buy from you directly.  Sounds super easy right? But be careful because you are unrepresented in this situation.  Who is looking out for your best interest?  The investor?  Who is telling you the value of your home?  In this case, it is the person buying it!   Compare that to having a professional representative evaluate the value of your home,  implement a strategic marketing plan and field the best possible offer by making your home visible to every active buyer looking in your area.

When selling with Newman Realty we will evaluate your home honestly and objectively with recommendations based solely on what is best for you!  Buyer representation for clients interested in purchasing an existing home or building a brand new one is offered at NO COST to the buyer!  Our fiduciary commitment means we put client interests above all others, including our own.  Want proof? Check out our online reviews and testimonials and see how Newman Realty clients are treated!

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January 8, 2019 9:00 am Published by Mark Newman

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