Gilbert Community News: Why it Makes Sense to Develop the 202 Corridor

If you’re looking for a boring place where nothing is happening, Gilbert, AZ is NOT the place for you! Businesses and residential communities are bursting with the growth of restaurants, office space, and mixed-use developments happening from the Heritage District to Rivulon to the borders of Queen Creek and beyond. Gilbert community news includes pushes to shop local and develop the 202 corridor.

While there is existing retail and residential along the 202 corridor, there is a lot of land ready for development. This includes the 250-acre mixed-use Rivulon property at Gilbert Road and the 202 and yet-to-be-named projects. The Town of Gilbert supports development because it helps residents decrease their commute times and keeps spending local.

Decrease Commute Times

According to bestplaces-dot-net, the average American commute is 25 minutes one way but for Gilbert residents, the average is slightly higher at 27 minutes. Many residents report even higher drive times. An average commute from Gilbert to Scottsdale is closer to 45-60 minutes. Aside from the time away from family, commutes equal less business and spending happening in Gilbert.

Shop Gilbert

According to Local First Arizona, an organization that supports local business development throughout the state, when shopping from locally owned business, $73 of every $100 spent stays in Arizona versus $27 of every $100 when shopping at a non-local business. What does that mean for Gilbert? It means that sending commuters outside Gilbert is costing money. More accurately, it’s lost money.

By developing the 202 corridor and encouraging employers to make a home in Gilbert, we are improving the lives of residents by decreasing commute times and increasing revenues by shopping local.

Visit Shop Gilbert ( to find locally owned businesses.

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May 15, 2015 7:00 am Published by Mark Newman

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