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Buying Luxury Property


Keys to Success

It is important that we establish confidence from our luxury seller in your ability to complete the transaction with no financial concerns during the process. If financing is being utilized a completely documented pre-qualification form from the lender of choice along with statements sourcing down payment funds or cash to close funds for cash purchases
Luxury properties are unique by nature. They typically contain features, finishes or architecture that create a lifestyle specifically tailored to the owner. Having a clear understanding of what is important to you is vital to screening properties to those that would be of most interest.
Plan on extended visits when touring luxury properties. Large footprints on large lots means there will be plenty to look at and consider. Make notes, ask questions and make sure you take all the time necessary to start forming your opinion of the property. Second visits are a valuable activity in almost every case. As your representative I will evaluate some of the less flashy components of the property and provide feedback and commentary as necessary. You may be looking at a beautiful pool and spa and find me looking at the foundation of the home.
Negotiations in luxury transactions have a level of sophistication not always present in general housing situations. Determining what is important to the seller and presenting our terms in a way that will resonate with them is extremely important to successfully negotiating favorable terms. It is not always what you are asking for, it is also how we are communicating the request.
Every real estate transaction goes through highs and lows and frequently they are subject to surprises. Our commitment to our clients is to be there every step of the way and be prepared to jump in at a moments notice.
Once the sale closes it’s time to celebrate and enjoy your new luxury property. We are excited for the opportunity to host a house warming party for you, your family, friends and new neighbors. We are always available for questions and concerns after the sale and will continue to be your trusted partner whenever needed.