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Tips for buying a house

  1. Work with a full-time professional REALTOR®.
  2. Review your credit report and clean up any problems.
  3. If you are obtaining a loan to purchase the home, get pre-qualified prior to.
  4. Be realistic about what you can afford and resist pressure to spend more than that.
  5. Make a list of your needs and wants. Needs become your line in the sand. It’s a bonus if you can get the wants within your budget.
  6. Location, location, location. Buy in a good school district. Look for a well-kept neighborhood and check it out at various times of the day. Don’t forget to see what your commute will be like.
  7. Buy smart. Most home buyers turn into home sellers within 5-10 years.
  8. Always hire a professional home inspector.
  9. Be willing to look beyond the surface. Do you like the layout but not the paint and flooring? Cosmetic issues are relatively easy to fix, structural ones are more difficult.
  10. Consider the future. Will you need room to grow a family? Will this house appreciate? Do you need space for a home office? Older buyers might want to consider how accessible the house is for physical limitations.
  11. We have been helping our neighbors buy & build homes here for over a decade.  We are experts on this community. It is where we live. We know the neighborhoods and we know how to find you a home you love. But more importantly we know Real Estate and will be your partner in navigating contracts and negotiations through to a successful closing. At every step, of the way. We Promise. Things change fast in today’s real estate markets.  Our proven Home Buying System is your key to making the home purchase process as smooth as possible with the best result.  Whether you are purchasing an existing home or building a new one from the ground up, Newman Realty can help you find the right home for the best terms.    FREE Professional Home BUYING System & FREE Professional Home BUILDING Systems 

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