Back to School Tips for Commuters

Before you speed through a school zone, keep in mind some Arizona public schools are already in session. July is back to school time for Chandler Public Schools. Seems early but they’re on a modified year round schedule. If you’re driving to work or client appointments, keep these back to school tips for commuters in mind:

Watch for children. As a driver, it’s important to watch for children of all ages running to catch a bus or beat the bell to get to school on time. They don’t always look or stop so we need to be stopping and looking both ways to prevent an accident.

Be aware of school zones. Not only are fines doubled when you get a ticket in a school zone, you could harm a child, parent, or teacher by going through the zone at more than the designated speed limit.

Obey the speed limit. Speaking of the school zone speed limit, be aware of all speed limits. Some school zones have a speed limit at all times while others vary depending on the time of day. Don’t get caught speeding!

Put the phone down. Nothing is as important as the safety of other drivers and pedestrians whether it’s back to school time or any other time of the year. There’s no text or call that can’t wait to be made later. If it is that urgent, pull over and take care of business and prevent an accident.

Buckle Up. It should go without saying but just the other day we heard about a car full of kids that weren’t buckled! Buckle up or get out and walk. That’s the rule or you’re putting yourself and your passengers in danger.

Watch for Buses. Take extra time in the morning and afternoon for school buses. Keep in mind you must stop for buses when the bus lights are flashing. It’s the law and obeying it keeps kids safe while they are going to and from school even if it means you’re a couple minutes late to a meeting. Plan ahead.

Yield at Crosswalks. Just because you can take a right turn at a red light doesn’t mean you do it without looking first. Bicyclists, pedestrians, and students are likely crossing the street at their signal. Leave early for your meeting and be cautious of people in the crosswalk.

Back to school tips include being more aware of who is on the road and allowing yourself more time to get to meetings so that you arrive on time and accident-free. Happy Back to School!

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July 22, 2015 1:17 pm Published by Mark Newman

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