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Why Us?

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How did you feel after your last real estate transaction? Was the service what you expected or needed? Real estate is a service business and all REALTOR®s help people buy and sell real estate but how we do that at Newman Realty sets us apart. We listen. We educate. We communicate. And, most importantly, we genuinely care about your satisfaction with the real estate transaction we do together. The level of care you receive from your REALTOR® or Broker is critical to your satisfaction with the transaction. Our predominantly positive Yelp reviews coupled with an 80% return client rate are clear reflections of how successfully we have done that.

We can proudly say that 90% of our business comes from referrals. & online reviews.  Our success is a result of a business philosophy that we practice every day and in every transaction. It includes:

  • Education – We believe an educated client will be a happy client. Thus, we take extra care to educate you on the processes, to explain the contract, and do all we can to avoid surprises.
  • Communication – First, we listen to what you want. Your goal is to buy a house. Our job is to look out for you and to counsel you based on what you tell us. But communication goes beyond that first contact. With us, you will never be left in the dark. We will keep you updated often.
  • Solution oriented – Every real estate transaction has the potential to encounter snags. It’s a part of the business. Our job is to determine whether that snag is a molehill or a mountain. And if it is a mountain, we overcome the obstacle and find a solution.
  • Customer Service – We have a vested interest in seeing our clients achieve their goals and thus, place your interests first above all else. We work for you and fully committed to a positive outcome of the transaction we are doing on your behalf. But our commitment to you does not stop when you receive the keys to your new home. We pride myself on service after the sale and will often follow up a week or a month afterward. Just because the transaction is over does not mean we going away. You can call on us. We have even been known to sit and wait for a plumber to come a week after close.
  • Truthful – It’s not about salesmanship. We are your representative. We will be honest about drawbacks and potential problems with a property. We will always tell you what we think, what we would do if it was us,  not just what you want to hear. We want you to make a good decision, to be happy with your purchase for the long term.
  • Reliability – We believe our word is our bond. You can depend on us to follow through with what we promise and to respond quickly and honestly to your questions or concerns.
  • Connection – You will be a part of our community. That means we would like to think you will become our friend from the beginning. Thus, you can rely on us to genuinely care for you and the life you will be building here. Our job is to look out for you and to counsel you based on what you tell us. But communication goes beyond that first contact. With us, you will never be left in the dark. We will keep you updated often.

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