Professional Home Buying System

Handing Over the House Keys in Front of a Beautiful New Home.

All real estate transactions involve both a buyer and a seller. When someone decides to sell their house they usually hire a Realtor to market the home and represent their interests in the transaction. Quality buyer representation is an important consideration to even the playing field for the buyer.

Newman Realty agents are skilled at assisting home buyers with the purchase proves from start to finish. Most buyer representation can be provided at no cost to the buyer client and will not change the price of the home.



Here are some of the benefits professional buyer representation provides for you on the purchase of an existing home.

  • Buyer consultation to prepare clients for the purchase process and assess their needs and goals. 
  • Objective guidance & feedback of pros and cons on individual homes and communities.
  • Assistance with online searches and automatic email updates with new listings.
  • Collaboration with buyer client lender (if obtaining financing) on pre-qualification documents and loan processes throughout the transaction.
  • Negotiation of purchase terms and conditions.
  • Assistance with home inspections and repair negotiations if needed.
  • Regular updates and clear communication throughout the entire process alone with follow up after the purchase of your new home.
  • Educate and answer any and all of your questions about the local area market including future developments, schools, neighborhoods, the local economy and so much more. 

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